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Arctic Landscape

Scientific dialogue on climate change 

SLU, Sweden

29 April 2021, Read more..
Today's Arctic research, funded by FORMAS
Arcum, Sweden
3 March, 2021
Cruise Ship
Arcum News
 25 Nov, 2020
Stakeholders meeting at Supergen Maritime Decarbonisation Workshop
Organized by UK Dept. for Transport, UK
25  Jan. 2021
Cargo Container
Arcum Digest
 26 Nov, 2020
 17th International Conference of Young Scientists on Energy and Natural Sciences Issues. 
Kaunas, Lithuania
 May 24-28, 2021.
Quiet Forest
Part of the upcoming Forest related Life Cycle Assessment Network meeting
SLU, Sweden
11 March 2021
Image by Matthew Henry
Presentation at System analysis platform meeting Bio4Eenergy
Umeä, Sweden
16 Feb, 2021
Arctic Research Virtual Speed Networking meeting
Organized by ARCUS, USA
5 Feb, 2021
Formas distributes millions to researchers at Umeå University
19 Nov, 2020